Our LifeGear products are all equipped with advanced technology features. This multi purpose light is popular across the board- from our fire station friends to children of all ages. It doubles as a glow stick and torch, is water resistant, and has a built-in emergency whistle. This handy light has modes which include brilliant white, glow (in the same colour as its casing), and emergency flasher mode.


For the same price as a generic glow stick- our LED glowsticks offer so much more for kids. Its various colours and small, portable design make it an easy light to use, and features include an auto 'off' after one hour feature, a handy wrist strap, (whistle!) and an incredibly bright LED light. 

LED Glowsticks

SKU: LG3652
    • 5 modes: light, light w/flasher, light w/ glow, glow and flasher mode
    • Available in red, green, and blue
    • Built-in whistle

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