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Stay safe this storm season

Being an Australian family business, we understand our country’s seasonal weather, and in particular, the impact of our summer storm season.

This is why Dorcy has created our powerful Stormproof lighting range, providing high tech, quality products to help Aussies be best prepared and stay safe this storm season.

This flashlight has everything you need to survive the night. With a durable rubber grip, built-in compass, firestarter, built-in emergency whistle, multi-light settings (strobe/high beam /low beam) and a quick-release tool, you’ll have everything you need to take on the elements.

In a power outage, an essential item is a lantern to keep your home bright. The Stormproof 1000 Lumen Collapsible Lantern offers high tech built-in features, takes batteries and includes a handy emergency USB power out port. With both high, low or red night SOS modes, this lantern can assist a variety of circumstances. Its extended low runtime saves battery use, making all the difference if you're unsure when electricity will be reconnected.

This 260-lumen headlamp has three settings (high/low/white), red light vision and red SOS modes. With a reflective head strap, this headlamp also offers an extended low runtime to save on battery energy when you need it the most.

This stormproof light is multi-purpose and explicitly created for emergencies. It includes a light, radio, siren, has a built-in USB rechargeable cord, crank power feature, and a power bank, keeping you prepared for any situation.

During this storm season, the Australian Bureau Of Meteorology (BOM) also recommends to:

  • Secure any loose items around the home

  • Keep gutters and drains clear

  • Have an emergency storm kit prepared (of course including Dorcy Stormproof range)

  • Trim garden and overhanging branches

  • Keep your car undercover

  • Have a home emergency plan

We hope you don't get caught in a storm, but in case you do, now you’ll be ready.

Shop 25% off our Stormproof range using code STORM25

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