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Packing lightly for any adventure can be a challenge. Regardless of where you’re heading this weekend, we’ve got some top tips to help optimise space on your next adventure:

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Get compact with a cube

Helping you stay organised and compact in any adventure are these handy cube pouches. These genius packing cubes are available from a range of stores, such as these beauties at Anaconda.

Break it down

collapsable camping gear

A great way to save space while not compromising on function is to pack collapsible items. Get gear that can fold down, shrink, collapse and make room for even more equipment. From cook sets, coffee cups and kettles, you can find a collapsable version of almost anything.

Multi-functions make for light work

It can be hard to pack light for the great outdoors. Considering multi-purpose or ‘two-in-one’ items will help save on much-needed room and lighten the load which is a double win! We offer some great multi-function items such as the Stormproof Crank Radio Light . This popular item from our LifeGear range has exclusive built-in emergency technology which incorporates a light, radio, siren, built-in USB rechargeable cord, crank power feature and even a power bank. Or check out our USB Rechargeable Power Bank Torch and Adventure Light Whistle which also offer multi-purpose features.

Sometimes, the lighter the brighter

Dorcy light

When it comes to portable lights, smaller in size does not mean less powerful. In our portable lighting range, we offer items of all sizes, and we don’t compromise on quality or brightness. Take our mighty USB Rechargeable 4000 Lumen Torch for example. It offers the capabilities and power of an instant spot flood light with a whopping 4000 lumens, but is also a handy compact torch, making it a perfect space saving option.

Choose your products wisely

Finally, one of the best ways to optimise space when packing for an adventure is to choose products wisely. Ask yourself, do I need it? Will I use it every day? How many days am I travelling for?Asking these questions while packing should help minimise equipment, add more space and hopefully lighten the load.

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If you’re looking for multi-purpose and space optimising portable lighting products, visit the adventure page on our website.

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